Stop Your Tumble Dryer from Rocking on Its Feet

One of the biggest problems that people have with their tumble dryer is that it is very noisy. It rocks back and forth, it disturbs everyone in the house, it even disturbs the neighbor or anyone else around them. Some people have accepted that this is just the way that tumble dryers perform but we are here to tell you that that does not have to be so.

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It is amazing that their people who have expected that this is the way that it dryer will work and that there’s nothing that they can do to stop it. That is not the truth and there many options that you can take to prevent this problem.

Stuffed clothes

One reason why this happens is something very basic. It can happen because the clothes are stuffed into the dryer and they become unbalanced and when this happens it causes it to rock back-and-forth very loudly. This is something that you can easily resolved by just putting fewer amounts of clothing in the dryer at a time. This is very simple but in many cases it will definitely stop the rocking back-and-forth of your tumble dryer.

External problem

For other people, it might not be anything like the above instead it might be a balance problem that is external. If you have ever looked at the bottom of a tumble dryer, you will see that there are little feet on it and they can be adjusted to make sure that they are balanced. One reason why tumble dryers can become very noisy and moves back and forth is because the feet aren’t properly balanced.

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Sometimes this can happen because your home might change over time. Yes, houses settle and become not as symmetrical and straight as people might think. Also, the dryer might have shifted in the legs might have gotten out of position over time. This is something that you can easily remedy by adjusting the legs are either adding some type of sham to make sure that it is perfectly balanced.

Try to balance

Some people might even want to take a bubble level measuring stick and make sure that they can perfectly balance the dryer. If they’re able to do that, they can stop a lot of the rocking that happens when a dryer is not properly positioned. It is well worth the effort to give this a try because it might immediately solve the problem that you’re having.

Mechanical fault

Other reasons why this could happen can be relatively very serious. It can be something mechanically wrong with your dryer. They can be something wrong with the motor or the assembly and you might need a professional to take a look at it. It is our suggestion that you try the simple and easy solutions first and if those do not work you then call in a professional to take a look at it. But the first thing you do is try to cheaply and freely prepare yourself using the information that we have provided to you.

The 4 Best Tumble Dryer Brands


How does one actually discover what are the best tumble dryer brands? This is a very important question and probably the reason why you’re reading this article in the first place. You want to find where to put your money and you probably already understand that you don’t want to cheat yourself out of a quality dryer by simply focusing on a cheap price.

Best tumble dryer brands


For us, we know that the best tumble dryer depends on what you are looking for. So it is very difficult to just give you for tumble dryer brands and tell you that they are the best ones.

Major brands

One thing that we can tell you is that the major brands are all pretty good at what they do. Truthfully, if you choose any dryer from one of the major brands, you’re likely to get something that will be quality and that will last for very long time. These major brands have really done their research and development over the last two decades to get it right when it comes to engineering dryers that will last for very long time and that will do an excellent job for you. So stick to those top brands and you will be okay.

What are you looking for?

Another thing that you probably want to ask yourself is what are you actually looking for? Many times, when people are looking for a dryer they are just looking for something that is utilitarian, something that would just do the job, that will do it well, that will be reliable and that will not cause them any problems. When these are the type of things that you’re looking for, it is very easy to find a great tumble dryer. As we said earlier, the best brands are all pretty good and you’re definitely will find many options when it comes to looking for a utilitarian brand of dryer.

Advanced brands

Some people are a lot fancier, these people are looking for something modern, something that has a lot of special features, something that is technologically advanced, maybe even something that can tie into their home automation system and so on. For those people we suggest that they do their homework and look for the most advanced brands out there and then look at the reviews and ratings that those brands have and make their decision based on that information. If you take that route you are sure to get what you are looking for.

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As you can see, when it comes to telling you what the four best tumble dry brands are we really cannot do that for you. We cannot do that for you because we do not know exactly what you’re looking for, your price range and the type of features and benefits that you are looking for. What we are able to tell you with 100% certainty is that if you stick to the major brands, the most popular ones, the ones who have the largest amount of market share, you will find something that will be very reliable and that will give you many years of service.

Clean Your Tumble Dryer Vent

They’re all little different kinds of maintenance things that a person needs to do when the on any type of property. The vast majority of us forget to do many of these things and more importantly a lot of a simply don’t know to do these things. These little tiny things that seem so inconsequential can cause huge problems down the road. Believe it or not, that is the nature of maintenance. When you look at something like your personal health and when you think about having health insurance and proper medical care, what are the most important things that they talk about is preventative care. Paying attention to the little changes in your body being proactive about them to avoid big problems down the road.

When it comes to these things around the home it is similar to the model of preventative care pay attention to all the little things so that they do not become big things,even to your carpets. Many of us don’t even know what to look out for and we don’t seem to have the time to do any of these things. One such thing that many people never do is they never clean their tumble dryer vent. It is something that is very simple to do the something that could cause problems down the road. A lot of times when people have issues with their dryer it is from improper maintenance. It isn’t the big maintenance jobs it is something this simple as removing the length from the vents. Imagine how if doing something so simple, something that didn’t take longer than five minutes, something that could save you hundreds of dollars and you did not do it. This is a problem that people face each and every day when they have problems with their tumble dryer vent. The end up with these huge repair bills are the even need to replace it because they didn’t do something as simple as cleaning there vent.

So how do you clean your tumble dryer vent? Well, is something that is very easy to do. Something that we can tell you how to do within one minute of reading this article. Were going to explain it to you in words but after reading this article we suggest that you watch a video of it on YouTube so that you will have a visual reference of how to properly do it. Because nothing replaces the value of actually seeing something to do.

So step one is to locate your event. Take a look around your tumble dryer and you might see a little door, our little indention that allows you to pull out a plastic form. When you pulled us out you will be taking out the vent that you have. We suggest that you empty it out, that you clean it and that you make sure that it is in good shape. Look inside the vent slots and make sure that there’s no type of particles within that part as well, replace it exactly the same way that you have taken it out and you are all done. That former maintenance is really that simple. There are also professionals who can clean it for you for example St Augustine Carpets Cleaners.

Dry-Cleaning Vs. Regular Washing: Which One to Choose and When?

Almost everyone has taken their clothes to the drycleaners but the majority of us have no idea how the process works. When many of us here the term dry-cleaning we really have no idea how it is done. It really sounds pretty ridiculous, how can you clean clothes without any type of liquid and how could it be a dry process? It’s actually pretty intelligent of us to question this because the dry-cleaning process is not dry at all. The dry-cleaning process should probably be called a water list or low-water process because that is what it really is. It is anything but dry because it uses liquid chemicals instead of water to clean clothes.

The question that many of us might have is why would anyone choose dry-cleaning over regular washing? What are the differences and what are the advantages?

When it comes to dry-cleaning it really has a huge advantage when it comes to fabrics that can degrade when using water over time. What a lot of people realize is that certain types of clothing really doesn’t stand up to the abuse that water wash and can cause. Many times when you see on the label inside of clothing that it is dry clean only, it is because water will destroy that fabric.

Are there any advantages to using dry-cleaning for regular clothing, clothing that can be washed and doesn’t typically degrade as quickly when it is washed. Please note is the language used in the previous sentence, the majority of fabrics will degrade over time from continuous washing. So if you have expensive clothes you might want to dryclean them to help them last a little bit longer. But dry-cleaning is not necessary for the majority of fabrics that clothes are made from.

Regular washing has the advantage of being cheaper and more convenient. Not only is regular washing more convenient and cheaper, it is often better for the environment. Dry-cleaning uses chemicals that have an environmental impact and that is why regulations are being put in place for the disposal of these cleaning chemicals. Even rules on how they are used, the best practices and how to protect workers are being put in place. So everything has a trade-off but ultimately when it comes to dry-cleaning first regular washing, it depends on the type of fabric you are using, it depends on the labels on the clothing and if you simply want to get a little bit of extra life out of the clothing that you have.

For the right type of fabrics, either one will be a good choice but for fabrics that absolutely cannot stand up to washing, you have no choice but to use dry-cleaning. So in many ways the choice has already been made for you so simply clean your clothes in the best way possible and taken to the people who can handle these types of things. You simply cannot get around dry-cleaning certain types of fabrics.For carpet cleaning solutions St Augustine carpet cleaners is very good at it.