Stop Your Tumble Dryer from Rocking on Its Feet

One of the biggest problems that people have with their tumble dryer is that it is very noisy. It rocks back and forth, it disturbs everyone in the house, it even disturbs the neighbor or anyone else around them. Some people have accepted that this is just the way that tumble dryers perform but we are here to tell you that that does not have to be so.

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It is amazing that their people who have expected that this is the way that it dryer will work and that there’s nothing that they can do to stop it. That is not the truth and there many options that you can take to prevent this problem.

Stuffed clothes

One reason why this happens is something very basic. It can happen because the clothes are stuffed into the dryer and they become unbalanced and when this happens it causes it to rock back-and-forth very loudly. This is something that you can easily resolved by just putting fewer amounts of clothing in the dryer at a time. This is very simple but in many cases it will definitely stop the rocking back-and-forth of your tumble dryer.

External problem

For other people, it might not be anything like the above instead it might be a balance problem that is external. If you have ever looked at the bottom of a tumble dryer, you will see that there are little feet on it and they can be adjusted to make sure that they are balanced. One reason why tumble dryers can become very noisy and moves back and forth is because the feet aren’t properly balanced.

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Sometimes this can happen because your home might change over time. Yes, houses settle and become not as symmetrical and straight as people might think. Also, the dryer might have shifted in the legs might have gotten out of position over time. This is something that you can easily remedy by adjusting the legs are either adding some type of sham to make sure that it is perfectly balanced.

Try to balance

Some people might even want to take a bubble level measuring stick and make sure that they can perfectly balance the dryer. If they’re able to do that, they can stop a lot of the rocking that happens when a dryer is not properly positioned. It is well worth the effort to give this a try because it might immediately solve the problem that you’re having.

Mechanical fault

Other reasons why this could happen can be relatively very serious. It can be something mechanically wrong with your dryer. They can be something wrong with the motor or the assembly and you might need a professional to take a look at it. It is our suggestion that you try the simple and easy solutions first and if those do not work you then call in a professional to take a look at it. But the first thing you do is try to cheaply and freely prepare yourself using the information that we have provided to you.

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